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Yes, lets go fight magneto. in my metal wheelchair, via my metal airship, with my metal wolverine to protect me. i see no way this could ever go wrong.

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Michael Fassbender for British GQ: "Evil Never Looked So Good"

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"He decided to teach society a lesson. He was a danger of course, but I never thought of him as a villain." - Stan Lee

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"feminism isn’t really about equality it’s a hate movemen-"



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"My family is suffocating me with pressure to be a perfect student and daughter." (r.i.d)

This means a lot to me

Re: my senior year breakdown

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James McAvoy for Nylon Guys US September 2014. 

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Sunsets Are For Muggings
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this is for the pills that never fucking work,
but it’s hard to see blood on a black t-shirt.

“There’s a paradox in thinking that you’re better than other girls, when your whole reason for feeling that way is because you think your gender is so inherently inferior that you want to dis-identify with being a girl altogether.”

More Than Words: Tomboys R Us

THIS whenever some girl brags about being “one of the boys” or says something like “I’m not like other girls, I LOVE [stereotypically masculine thing].”

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REMINDER: if you have a vagina and want to use Plan B as an emergency contraceptive, it loses effectiveness if you weigh more than 165 lbs (74.84 kg) and is completely ineffective for those that weight more than 176 lbs (79.83 kg) (x)

Excuse me.
Let me spread the shit out of this.

This is horrifying. And sadly true.

ok but let’s consider that this wasn’t done out of malice and they just recently found these facts out from another ec from europe that has the same chemical make-up as plan b.  go talk to the fda for being pricks about companies not being able to change their warning labels unless they’ve actually made changes to their products (the most stupid rule).  

the flaw arises in manufacturers needing to find a safe balance of hormones that will work for women above the effective weight limit - something they didn’t know was an issue until trial/error.

i s2g. yes it is very unfortunate for a lot of women. but acting offended over the fact, as if a company in capitalist western society would in any way try and *limit* their consumer base, is kind of silly.

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Gotta put this on blast.
We never needed a white savior.

I hate this country.

What I learned from this video:

  • 100 million Native Americans died at the hands of white colonists
  • Instead of planting crops the colonists spent their days digging random holes in the ground looking for gold. They started starving and dug up Indian corpses to eat. They took Indian prisoners and forced them to teach the colonists how to farm
  • Native Americans had massive cities with tens of thousands of well constructed houses, intricate water canals and large merchant areas.
  • The Native Americans used soaps, deodorants and breath sweeteners while colonists never bathed or even took of their clothes
  • There was a delousing policy with the mantra Nits create Lice; nits being Native American babies, so their goal was to kill every Indian, including babies 
  • In the 1700’s 80% of the Federal Budget went towards eradicating the Native American population so they could take their developed farmland
  • Colonists leaders went town after town killing men women and children under the approval of George Washington
  • "Pursue Indians to extermination" -Thomas Jefferson
  • California governor (1849-1851): “extermination must continue to be waged until the Indian becomes extinct”

The main factor which prevented Native American extinction was the fact they were used for slave labor. The most prized Native Americans were young girls who were said to be valued for labor and lust (that one white dude in your ethnic studies class that says he’s 1/36th Cherokee?)

In modern times children were forced into Indian Boarding Schools whose goal was to “Kill the Indian in them”. It was federal policy. They were beaten if they used their native tongue, they were forced to dress and style their hair like whites 

This country was literally built on terrorism and mass murder. White people are savage terrorists.

Until, this is taught in schools everywhere- “history class” is merely a racism propaganda course.

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